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Welcome to kittypartyHQ. Bored of those one minute sari draping, peeling potatoes games ? From the big collection of one minute kitty party games, today I try to bring you latest top 10 one minute kitty party games that are most liked and shared on our Facebook page.  The list has been updated and new games have been added, making it best 10 games for the year 2017. Find Top 10 games written in hindi here.These one minute kitty party games are easy to arrange and fun to be a part of-

1) Coin and clock game

An interesting one minute party game to be played with coins of different denomination. In this game, players put the coins on each numbers of the clock, In a manner that the sum of coins should be equal to the number.

After one minute the player who does right and reach biggest number on the clock, wins. The beauty of this game is adults and kids both enjoy this game equally. Check out this one minute coin and clock game.


2) Kahani Me Twist Game

Fun one minute party game in which players have to write there first name as many times as they can in ONE MINUTE on that paper. Now, Host will ask each player to pass paper to another player sitting next to her. The moment host says, stop! Players will stop passing there papers. Now each player will open the paper they are holding. Count the number of times name ( no matter who’s name is written ) written on that paper. Adults and kids both will enjoy this game equally.

Check out full game here Kahani me twist game.


3) Tie Pebbles

One minute party game in which players have to tie pebbles in a handkerchief using rubber band.

After one minute the player who ties maximum numbers of pebbels, wins. Check out this one minute tie pebbles game.


4) Lucky Bangle Colour

One minute kitty party game in which all bangle colors are marked with points. And chits are made for every color. Blindfolded players will first pick a chit of bangle colour and then she will pick a random bangle. Give marks to each color bangle. For Ex: Yellow- 1, blue -1 etc.

After one minute the player who has maximum points, wins. Check out this one minute lucky bangle colour game.


5) Arrange Housie Board

One minute kitty party game in which the player will be asked to arrange numbers on the housie board. Player who arrange maximum numbers on the housie board in one minute , wins. Check out this one minute arrange housie board game. 

6) Memory Game

One minute kitty party game in which the the host will arrange household things in a tray, so that each item is visible. Take to tray to each player, so that they can see all the things. And then hide the tray. The player will be then asked to make a list of things he/she saw in a tray.

After one minute, the player who writes maximum number of things matches with list of the host, wins! Check out this one minute memory game.


7) Funny Tongue Twisters

One minute kitty party game in which the player has to repeat one of the twisters( from the given list) , without any gap or pause.

After one minute, the one who repeat twister maximum number of times without any wrong pronunciation or pause , wins! Check out this one minute funny tongue twisters game.


8) Lock and Key

One minute kitty party game in played with lock and key. Player will open locks.

After one minute, The player who opens maximum locks, wins! Check out this one minute lock and key game.


9) Say Color Not Word

One minute kitty party game where by looking at game sheet, player will say “COLOR NAME” and not the “word” without any PAUSE !

After one minute, The one who gives maximum correct answers without pause, wins! Check out this one minute say color not word game.


10) Three Lucky Friends List

A host will make a list of people coming for kitty and mark them with numbers. For example Rita was given mark 2, shweta was marked 5 etc. Make a round table arrangement, put the pen and papers in front of players. Distribute one paper to each player. Now, Ask each player to write three names of people present in the kitty, other than herself. Put the papers aside. Host will write numbers in front of each name and make a total of marks.

The one who was has highest total , wins,!   Check out full game here Three Lucky Friends List.


Hope you will like the game list. Play these games at your kitty party and share your experience.

Have fun kitty party 🙂

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I live moments and I make sure I do everything to make a moment memorable. Partying, is one of my way celebrating life with Friends and family. This blog is dedicated to my mother-in-law, who is the brain after all the nice games and recipes, me giving words to her ideas. Keep visiting for new fun games and latest party stuff.
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    • Sheetal says

      You can play-
      1.what’s in your purse ladies game: where the set of matching things will be count as points of players, those two who matched maximum things are winners.
      2. Similarly you can play matching colors of the things.
      3. In one minute, tie paranda in your hair using your and your partner’s hair.
      4. Know you best: play a game where host will ask the questions about your other pair, and both of you have to answer.
      5. Dress up in pair with your twin sister and host will give points to each pair.

  1. Prerana says

    Very innovative and fun filled games 🙂 Thanks to you and ur mom-in-law for helping us out… 🙂

  2. Sulbha says

    Hi…can u suggest some games for mughal theme kitty party… I have chosen bangle n colour from Ur site …two more I need urgently… TIA

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