Monsoon theme kitty party games in hindi

Find 10 Monsoon Based Kitty Party Games, they are simple to arrange and fun to be a part of. Try these games at your kitty party and share your experience with us.

1. Monsoon Tambola/Housie Game: Monsoon is here ! I have prepared a list of 40 hindi words that we remember with respect to rainy season.  All you need to do is make a chit of all 40 words and printout of tambola ticket given below, and you are ready play ! Perfect when player at kitty party monsoon theme. Find full game here.

2. Bollywood Rain Songs Game: This game is mix of Monsoon and Bollywood theme. In this game, where Bollywood famous rain songs are given and you have to guess the movie name !!!  Its’s Simple ! The trick is it’s a one minute game. Find full game here.

3. Green Matching Game- You can arrange green matching game; where players have to wear most of things green. The one who has maximum green matching wins !

4. Rainbow Theme/Colorful Kitty Theme Game – Celebrating monsoon kitty without rainbow colors is so blend. This game is very interesting. We have given here ready to play printable sheet with written color names on it with different colors, you have to name the color not the word! Checkout this game here.

5. Rain Songs and Patriotic Songs Antakshari- Each year we celebrate monsoon and Independence day together. Why not to club them and have antakshari ?  Sing songs based on rain and/or deshbakti

6. Rain Songs and Rakshabandhan /Rakhi Songs Antakshari- Similar as above you can antakshari of combination of songs rakhi+monsoon+deshbakti.

7. Rainbow Color Competition: Ask the players to write rainbow colors in correct and reverse orders.

8. Colorful Gems Game: Pour colorful gems in bowl and ask the players to make set of gems based on rainbow colors. The one who makes maximum sets, wins!

9. Monsoon Theme Word Search Puzzle:  Search monsoon theme words from the puzzle.  Checkout this game here.

10. Monsoon Memory Game: Ask the players to write down Monsoon/rain season related words, the one who writes maximum in one minute will be winner. A great addition to one minute kitty party game list.

Have a happy monsoon kitty 🙂


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