Answer with “Li” in the end-Games for Indian Kitty party Written in hindi

Kitty party on paper game in hindi-answer with Li in end

Hello Ladies,

Today, I am going to share one special game.It is submitted by our reader Mrs. Varsha Gujarathi. I thank her on our behalf.

It is another ready to play paper based game written in Hindi. This is the game of suffix with “Li” in the end. Yes, You guessed it right we already shared similar pattern games in the past  where answers ends with word “कर” and with word “सर“.

Here, in this game we have a ready game sheet attached. All a player has to do is read a sentence and answer in one hindi/English words with “Li” /”ली”.

Ex: जैसे : बागो में खिलने वाली – कली
एक जलचर – मछली 

Things Needed:

    • Few pens for players.
    • Printouts of this game sheet
    • Clock to see time

Time Span: 5 Minutes

kitty party game written in hindi for indian ladies


How to play:

  • Players will write there names on the top of the paper.
  • Players will be asked to read the statement given carefully and fill up the bank with ONE HINDI/ENGLISH WORD with  “Li” /”ली”.

Who Wins: The one who answers the most questions correct, wins! Make sure answers presents in the host’s answer sheet should be final.

Have a fun kitty :)

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I live moments and I make sure I do everything to make a moment memorable. Partying, is one of my way celebrating life with Friends and family. This blog is dedicated to my mother-in-law, who is the brain after all the nice games and recipes, me giving words to her ideas. Keep visiting for new fun games and latest party stuff.
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  1. Sheetal says

    Correct Answers:
    1 तितली
    2 ताली
    3 अनारकली
    4 दिवाली/दीपावली
    5 प्याली
    6 रुमाली
    7 दलाली
    8 गाली
    9 थाली
    10 सवाली
    11 हम्माली
    12 साली
    13 काजूकतली
    14 होली
    15 जाली
    16 लाली
    17 काली
    18 दिल्ली
    19 खयाली
    20 इमली
    21 बोरीवली/कांदीवली
    22 गोली
    23 छिपकली
    24 मूली
    25 गिल्ली
    26 जुगाली
    27 माली
    28 जूली
    29 डॉली
    30 टोली
    31 डाली
    32 पगली
    33 लिली
    34 हरियाली
    35 बिल्ली
    36 बाली
    37 इडली
    38 गली
    39 नीली
    40 सहेली
    41 ब्रेटली
    42 रंगोली
    43 लवली
    44 चोली
    45 जंगली
    46 कव्वाली
    47 हथेली
    48 मावली
    49 नकली
    50 झोली

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