Fill up the blank with bollywood hindi movie-Kitty party game

kitty party Bollywood film game in hindi

Hello Ladies,

Today I will be sharing another fun paper based game in Hindi. This is inspired by Bollywood movie names. Here,we have a ready game sheet attached with this game. All a player has to do is read a sentence carefully and answer in one word in a manner that it should be a name of movie as well! This game goes perfectly well when played at Bollywood theme kitty party. [Read more…]

Playing card tambola-Part-2-Kitty Party Game


Hello Ladies,

I hope you enjoyed part 1 of this game. I am going to share with you another possible variation of playing card game. Where “a player can write the numbers of there choice” option has been removed! All numbers are printed/written on the game sheet, ready to play ( find it below ), Just to refresh memory on how to play- Card Tambola is a game, where an organizer or the caller calls a number at a time, which players have to mark or cut in there ticket. The one who reaches winning  point has to claim the same immediately by calling “housie”.  Lets see in detail how to play-

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Funny Tongue Twisters For Party

tongue twisters for party games kitty party hq-min

Hello Ladies,

Today, I will be sharing a very famous and equally fun game to play TONGUE TWISTERS !!! Gear up ladies, tongue twisters aren’t just for children, they can enjoyed by all ages. These funny tongue twisters are ready to twist and tangle up your whole mouth. Have fun trying to say some of the most difficult tongue twisters.The game is simple. Let’s see how to play-

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Arrange Housie Board Game-one minute kitty party game

Housie board game for kitty party

Hello Ladies,

Hope you all are doing well. We all played so many times with housie tickets, but have you ever guessed playing with housie board can be full of fun as well. I am going to share how. It is easy to arrange game with least preparation required. You can also call this game as a last minute party game.

The player will be asked to arrange housie numbers on the housie board in one minute! [Read more…]

New Year Party Tambola Game

New Year Party Game-Tambola

Hello Ladies,

Looking for a fabulous new year party ideas that all of your fellow kitty will love? I have one for you! It’s a free download new year paper game.

We are almost touching new year 2015! First of all, have a very happy and lucky new year. I know for us, new year eve party is a one more reason to have few pastries, lot of new pictures and laugh.

Before we proceed to our new game, just one piece of advice – Be more awesome than last year ! [Read more…]