Welcome drink ideas for kitty party-Summer special

Welcome drink ideas for kitty parties

Hello Ladies!

After many requests from our readers I am here with welcome drink ideas for our Indian kitties.Welcome drink is the first recipe that your  guests get to taste. It has to be equally good as rest of the menu. Not only good, in fact it should go well according to season ,kitty  party theme, festivities and taste of the guests as well.  Thank god summers is here, we have ample options of cooling beverages,mock-tail drinks, fresh fruit juices and sherbets to choose from.   [Read more…]

Healthy party snacks-Sprout Pakoda


Kitty party snack idea

Sprouted Moong Daal Pakoda-Kitty Party Snacks

Sprouted moong daal pakoda is my favourite evening snack with a cup of hot tea 🙂 This dish is basically moong dall pakoda recipe, which I like with little twist of sprouted moong. Moong daal pakoda is the popular snack in northern India. We also call this recipe Moongoda/Moongodi.

The reason I like this recipe with sprouted daal is, sprouts are more healthy and high in fiber. I also try to avoid besan in this recipe, as besan is not good for health.

The reason this recipe top my list is this is easy to cook and healthy. Also, this is great snack if you are planning your kitty party near high-tea and want to have a party with just one snack and tea.I observed, this is mostly the case with old age people who don’t have domestic help at home and they do all on there own. So they don’t want to plan or have more than one dish. This one dish you can always reply on, you can never get wrong with this recipe. This is very good appetizer as well. [Read more…]