Three Lucky Cards Game For Ladies Kitty Party

Three lucky cards game for ladies kitty party

सबसे पहले होस्ट किटी सदस्यों की लिस्ट बनाएगा और हर प्लेयर को तीन कार्ड्स उठाने को कहेगा. अब इन कार्ड्स के नंबर्स की जोड़ ( Total ) करके प्लेयर के नाम के आगे लिख लेगा. ये जोड़ प्लेयर के अंक होंगे.  हर प्लेयर को एक पेपर देकर उन्हें अपने पसंद के तीन किटी सदस्यों का नाम लिखने होंगे. अब होस्ट सभी सदस्यों के सामने बनाई गए लिस्ट में लिखे हर सदस्यों को दिए गए अंक पड़ेगा. सभी प्लेयर्स को अपनी लिस्ट में लिखे तीनो नामो के सामने बताये गए अंक लिखकर जोड़ ( addition ) करना हे . जिसके अंक सबसे ज्यादा होंगे वही जीतेगा.


Hello Ladies,

Bored with old playing card games? Introducing new fun kitty party game. It’s very simple but again a luck game. Today’s game will judge how lucky your friends are for you in winning 🙂 Just like my previous Three lucky friends game. It is a round table game, no no it doesn’t mean it require lot of prior preparations 🙂 All you need is playing cards, few pen and papers that’s all ! Lets see how to play this game-

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Ulta-Pulta Bollywood theme game-Paper Based Game

Hello ladies,

Get ready to stress your brain, Today I am going to share with you all a one more filmy bollywood game perfect when played at Bollywood theme kitty party. Its a paper based game, ready to play, printable and freely download available. Here, In this game, you have to translate Movie name from English to Hindi.! Perfect when played at new year party eve kitty.

जैसे: Beautiful : “खूबसूरत” 

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bollywood theme kitty party ideas

Are you thinking out of the box this season and planning to throw a kitty party that people will remember for long ? Bollywood theme kitty party is the idea that will never go wrong! Our Indian Hindi film industry is know as BOLLYWOOD. The term Bollywood is inspired from Hollywood and letter “B” indicated the center of Indian Cinema i.e Bombay.

The livelihood of any theme party depends on the preparations and thoughtfulness in planning that event. The things that strike us when be call the word “Bollywood”; is colorfulness, larger than life, grand, versatile, fashionable, filmy, musical,red carpet, page 3 life, Bollywood stars,clapper board and so on.. Our planning ,decor ideas, food ideas,dress code should go with the core idea of the theme i.e Bollywood. Let’s see ideas to color your kitty with Bollywood theme party.  [Read more…]


Our state Rajasthan is one of the most charming and captivating states of India. It has been globally famous for tourism,rich culture, tradition, heritage, monuments and larger than life royalness. Having a Rajasthani theme at your kitty party is indeed a great idea.

Today, I will be sharing ideas to color your kitty with Rajasthani theme. They are more thoughtful if you are planning your kitty somewhere near teej and ganagur. [Read more…]