Kitty Party Game:Guess the Cosmetics weight

Kitty Party Game:Guess the Cosmetics weight

Hello Ladies,

Women without cosmetics is unimaginable! We use cosmetics in our daily routine. Few of us use more or less, but yes we do! But have you ever care about the weight of the cosmetic ? Most of us ignore the weight and other details of the product. Today’s game is about guessing the weight of the cosmetics 🙂

This is a indoor table game conveniently arranged with minimum preparations. A very simple game to arrange and fun to be a part of but believe me it’s not simple! Let’s see how to play this game-

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Kitty Party Monsoon Theme game:List Bollywood Rain Songs

Hello ladies,

Welcome to In last two updates you have seen a game of Guess the movie name game and  Monsoon special tambola game. In addition to that today I am introducing very simple Bollywood songs game. Where in one minute you have to make a list of Bollywood rain songs!!!

Perfect for Indian ladies kitty party. Also special when played at monsoon kitty party theme or celebrating monsoon Bollywood way at your kitty! I call this last minute game as no prior preparation is required to arrange this game. When you refer our last game  you will find a ready 26 song list . [Read more…]

Kitty Party Coin Game-One Minute Game


Coin  Game -kitty party one minute table game

Hello Ladies,

Get ready to brush up your brain, because today we have a very unique and interesting game to share with all that will definitely test your math skill ! Get the coins in the denomination of 1,2,5,10. In one minute, arrange 3 coins on each chit so that the sum of coins should be equal to the number on the chit.

Example: Chit shows number 5, which means 2+2+1, 2 coins of Rs 2 and 1 Coin of Rs 1. i.e 2+2+1=5,

Chit shows number 21, which means 10+10+1, 2 coins of Rs 10 and 1 Coin of Rs 1. i.e 10+10+1=21 [Read more…]

Monsoon Special Bollywood Game-Guess The Movie Name

Hello Ladies,

Today’s game is a monsoon special Bollywood song game. Mix of Monsoon theme and Bollywood theme. In this game, where Bollywood famous rain songs are given and you have to guess the movie name !!!  Its’s Simple ! The trick is it’s a one minute game.

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Say Colour Not Word Game-One Minute Kitty Party Game

Hello Ladies!

Today I have a very special game to share with you all. It’s a mind teaser game. Very simple to arrange yet NOT simple to play and believe me the result is fun!

All a player need to do is- Name the colors of the following words. DO NOT read the words… rather, say the color of the words. For example, The first letter of the game sheet is “YELLOW” is printed in a green color, you should say “GREEN”. The trick is say the colors as fast as you can. It is not as easy as you might think!

This game is equally good for kids’s birthday party/One minute Kitty Party/Rainbow Theme Kitty Party/Colorful Kitty party Game ideas.

WHY IS IT DIFFICULT TO PLAY?  “Actually your right brain tries to say the color but left brain insists on reading the word.” 🙂 [Read more…]

Answer with “Li” in the end-Games for Indian Kitty party Written in hindi

Kitty party on paper game in hindi-answer with Li in end

Hello Ladies,

Today, I am going to share one special game.It is submitted by our reader Mrs. Varsha Gujarathi. I thank her on our behalf.

It is another ready to play paper based game written in Hindi. This is the game of suffix with “Li” in the end. Yes, You guessed it right we already shared similar pattern games in the past  where answers ends with word “कर” and with word “सर“.

Here, in this game we have a ready game sheet attached. All a player has to do is read a sentence and answer in one hindi/English words with “Li” /”ली”.

Ex: जैसे : बागो में खिलने वाली – कली
एक जलचर – मछली  [Read more…]

One English Letter Game-Kitty Party Games Ideas-One Minute Kitty Party Games

Kitty party game in hindi-one English letter

Hello ladies,

Welcome to kittypartyHQ  . Today, I have another simple to play and fun kitty party game to share with you all. Here, In this game you have to fill the blanks with suitable ONE ENGLISH LETTER.

Example: B, D, G etc

The best part of this interesting kitty party games is you play it like – 1 minute games for kitty party at the same time you can play this game at couple shower/baby shower as well, Office party game.This is recently made this paper games by me when me and my mother-in -law had a kitty at our home.  And believe me that was FUN ! This is a great kitty party game idea.

Today, I have another “kitty party paper based game” to include in my  “kitty party games on paper” list .As usual it is written paper games for kitty party.

How to play- Read the sentence and fill the blank with suitable ONE ENGLISH LETTER .

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Feminine Name Game-Women’s Day Special Game-Kitty Party Game

Hello ladies,

Today, I am going to share one very unique game. All you need to do is answer in blank space with INDIAN WOMEN’s NAME !!! This game is dedicated to all the beautiful women out there. This game is more thoughtful when played on or around WOMEN’S DAY-You can plan women’s day theme and play this game then, It is also good for regular kitty parties as well.  It’s a great addition to my kitty party paper games list written in hindi. It’s a great kitty party game idea specially for on paper games. As usual it is written paper games for kitty party in Hindi.

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Kitty Party Games On Paper-Fill In The Blanks

Indian kitty party game on paper

Hello ladies,

Thank you all for your continuous love , I believe that is the driving force that keep me writing more new games for ladies kitty parties. The best part of making Indian kitty party games is you get so many varieties, cultures, colors and people to talk about. Which just makes me happy and fall in love with my job all again 🙂

Coming back to the games, In addition to my kitty party paper games list, today I am going to introduce kitty party games ideas for kitty party games on paper. It is one of the nice paper games for kitty party. As usual it is written paper games for kitty party. In this game where; two clues are given to fill up the blank with most suitable guess. [Read more…]

Indian kitty party quiz-Paper based game written in hindi

Indian kitty party GK quiz game

Hello Ladies,

Get ready to cross-examine your brain here ladies! As today, I have a quiz game sheet ready for your ladies kitty party. It’s a ready to play paper based game written in Hindi language. It’s a basic general knowledge (GK test ) questions. Latest prepared Quiz game, where I tried to test knowledge from wide areas of Indian culture. A game/sport of brain perfect to be a part for any Indian kitty parties. This is a very simple game to arrange. All a host need to do  is keep the printouts of this game ready , few pens.

Here, in this game we have a ready game sheet attached below. A player has to read the sentence carefully and tick mark (✓) over suitable answer from the options given.

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