Date of birth luck game

Hello Ladies,

तंबोला के नंबर्स (1 – 50 ) को एक बाउल में इकट्ठा कीजिये और अच्छे से मिक्स कर दीजिये . प्लेयर को ये बाउल अपनी सर पर रखकर ( ताकि प्लेयर देख न  सके) एक -एक कर नंबर्स निकलने हे. जैसे ही प्लेयर अपना का जन्मदिन ( date of birth ) अंक निकलता हे ,वो आउट हो जायेगा. ऐसा हर प्लेयर करेगा. जिस  प्लेयर ने आउट होने से पहले सबसे ज्यादा अंक निकले हे , वो विनर होगा.


Hello Ladies,

Introducing new fun kitty party game. It’s very simple luck game. Today’s game will judge how lucky your Date of birth is for you 🙂 . It is a round table game, no no it doesn’t mean it require lot of prior preparations 🙂 All you need is Tambola numbers and a bowl that’s all ! Lets see how to play this game-

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Indian States-Indian Republic Day Game for Ladies Kitty Party Game

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Kitty party game-Ulta Pulta paper based game

kitty-party-ulta pulta Game

Hello Ladies,

Today, I am going to share an English version of Ulta Pulta Game In Hindi that we shared before. It is very simple game to arrange and fun to be a part of. Yes, You guessed it right an another ready to play paper based game. Perfect for Indian ladies to include in there kitty party.

Here, in this game we have a ready game sheet attached below. A player has to read the sentence carefully and answer in English word that spelled the same way backward and forward.

Example: MADAM

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Bollywood Movie Game-Paper Game for ladies kitty Party


Hello ladies,

Today I am going to share with you all a one more filmy bollywood game perfect when played at Bollywood theme kitty party. Its is written Hindi language- its a paper based game, ready to play, printable and freely download available. Here, In this game you have to find the guess the hindi movie name and answer in full form !

Example: H M J = Haseena Maan Jayegi

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Name the Brand-Indian Ladies Kitty Party Game In Hindi

ad slogan game in  hindi

Hello ladies,

Welcome to kittypartyHQ.

We watch TV daily , but have you ever wonder how many times do we remember the tagline of these TV commercials? Get ready and brush up your brain ladies.  Today’s game is “Name the brand” quiz. New and interesting game in Hindi language- as usual its a paper based game, ready to play, printable and freely download available. Just like the last fill the blank book game , here, In this game you have to fill the space with the name of the brand! The beauty of this game is, this game goes equally well at kid’s birthday party as well.

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Dice and Pen Game-Table game for kitty party

Dice and Pen kitty party game

Hello Ladies,

Introducing new mind blowing kitty party dice and pen game. It’s simple and difficult at the same time. The last game we shared was make a list of rain songs, the game was easy and I also shared how it can be played in so many ways. But, today’s game is different. It is a round table game, no no it doesn’t mean it require lot of prior preparations 🙂 All you need is few papers, one pen and one dice, that’s all ! Lets see how to play this game-

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Kitty Party Coin Game-One Minute Game


Coin  Game -kitty party one minute table game

Hello Ladies,

Get ready to brush up your brain, because today we have a very unique and interesting game to share with all that will definitely test your math skill ! Get the coins in the denomination of 1,2,5,10. In one minute, arrange 3 coins on each chit so that the sum of coins should be equal to the number on the chit.

Example: Chit shows number 5, which means 2+2+1, 2 coins of Rs 2 and 1 Coin of Rs 1. i.e 2+2+1=5,

Chit shows number 21, which means 10+10+1, 2 coins of Rs 10 and 1 Coin of Rs 1. i.e 10+10+1=21 [Read more…]

Kitty Party Book Theme Party Game

Kitty Party Book theme game

Hello Ladies,

Today’s game is dedicated to World Book Day. Those who have an amazing habit of reading books will find this game super special.This is Indian kitty party game written in Hindi language. Perfect for Book Theme Kitty Party/Indian books puzzel/Kid’s party games/reader’s game!

Here, we have given the list of world famous book names, you have to fill up the name of the author.. 🙂  [Read more…]

Say Colour Not Word Game-One Minute Kitty Party Game

Hello Ladies!

Today I have a very special game to share with you all. It’s a mind teaser game. Very simple to arrange yet NOT simple to play and believe me the result is fun!

All a player need to do is- Name the colors of the following words. DO NOT read the words… rather, say the color of the words. For example, The first letter of the game sheet is “YELLOW” is printed in a green color, you should say “GREEN”. The trick is say the colors as fast as you can. It is not as easy as you might think!

This game is equally good for kids’s birthday party/One minute Kitty Party/Rainbow Theme Kitty Party/Colorful Kitty party Game ideas.

WHY IS IT DIFFICULT TO PLAY?  “Actually your right brain tries to say the color but left brain insists on reading the word.” 🙂 [Read more…]

Indian Republic Day Game-One Minute Ladies Kitty Party Game

kitty party game for Indian Ladies-republic day

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