Kitty Party Games-Beading Popcorns

Pop corns are my all time favorite. This game is fun and simple to play! Traditionally in India women used to wear beaded pop corns in place of scented flowers. Also, this is one of the easiest game to play and arrange in your kitty party.

Things needed: Popcorns , thread and needles.

Time span: At least 1 mins.

How to play: All players need to know is basic beading! Players will try to make longest garland/chain/bead using maximum number of pop corns.

Who wins: The one make with longest chain using maximum no of popcorns will win

Tip: You can replace pop corns with flowers, marshmallows and pearl/beads. Only properly beaded pop corns will be counted.

Happy Kitty 🙂

Group Party Games-Peeling Potato

All Ladies will love this game, they more than enjoy playing with what they deal with on day today basis.

Things needed: Few peelers and potatoes

Time span: One minute.

How to play: This is fun part for every lady to play with what they deal with on day today basis. Players will try to peel maximum number of potatoes in one minute.

Tip: You can Play this game using: Apple, cucumber, carrot etc. This game be played in group of two as well.

Who wins: The one has maximum no of peeled potatoes, neatly done will win.

Play and share your experience.

Happy Kitty 🙂

Kitty Party Game-Balloon and Glasses

Today, I am going to share one of the most simple and economic game. You can play this game using balloon and disposables which are easily available. I first played this game on my sister’s birthday party back in my childhood. It still is always fun playing in my kitties too. All my friends also like this game.

Things needed: Few balloons and disposable glasses/bowls

Time span: At least 1 mins.

Kitty Party Games-One minute game

Fun Birthday games-

 How to play: Put disposable glasses and one balloon on each player’s table. Player will try to fill as much air as they can in the balloon and try to drop disposables from the table by releasing pressure of balloon air.

 Who wins: The one has maximum dropped disposables will win. Only completely dropped glasses on the floor will count.

Don’t forget to share your experiences.

Happy kitty 🙂

Kitty Party Game-Needle and Thread Game

Very simple yet fun game to play with a group/couple.

Things needed: Bunch of needles ( prefer the finest one to make the game difficult ) and Thread

Time span: At least 2 mins

How to play: Divide ladies in a group of two each. One of the lady in a group will hold Needle ( She can’t touch thread)  and another will hold thread ( She can’t touch needle) . Both will try to insert thread through the loop of the needle threader. Make sure that people are not touching the needle and thread together.

Who wins: The team with most no of with needles dangling though the thread will win

Tip: If you have odd no of players (3,5,7,9 etc ) ,Plan this game with single player each team

Play and share your experience with me.

Happy Kitty 🙂