“Arriving late was a way of saying that your own time was more valuable than the time of the person who waited for you ”

Punctuality games are played at kitty parties to encourage each member to come on time.It is the host who faces problem of members coming late. As a result kitty starts late and overall arrangements get disturb. Say, for example most of kitty parties happen in restaurants during happy hours (Particular time duration during rates are less), As kitty starts late, it is bound to end late. In this condition the host is the one who performs under pressure. We do not want this to happen to our kitty parties therefore, we promote people to come on time and reward them for that! Punctuality games are played to give those punctual members additional chance to win few more gifts.

It happens rarely that more than one member comes on time, If that happens we need to play games between them. Otherwise, we usually reward or gift the one who came on time.

Here we have prepared a list of games for punctuality that can be easily played and arrange at your kitty party:

ELIGIBLE PLAYERS: Only those who arrive on time.

1. Tambola Game With Tiles:

Put tambola tiles in a bowl players will grab handful of tambola tiles. Then, host will ask player odd or even? Say of the player says, even; count all even numbers in her hand. Similarly, repeat the process with other players and the one who has maximum number of tiles, wins!

Variation: Similarly, you can play with Zero and single numbers as well. Means, the one who is holding maximum numbers with zero, wins.


the one who is holding maximum single numbers (1to 9), wins.

 तंबोला के नंबर्स को एक बाउल में इकट्ठा कीजिये और अच्छे से मिक्स कर दीजिये . प्लेयर को इस बाउल में से मुट्ठी भर तम्बोला टाइल्स उठाने के लिए कहिये, अब होस्ट प्लेयर्स से odd (विषम) या even (सम) पूछेगा, अगर प्लेयर सम कहता हे तो, उसकी मुट्ठी में आये सम (२,४,६,८,१० आदि) नंबर्स की गिनती कर लें,     ऐसा बाकी प्लेयर्स के साथ खेलें , जिस प्लेयर के पास सबसे ज्यादा नंबर्स रहेंगे वही जीतेगा.

ऐसा आप शुन्य और सिंगल नंबर के लिए भी खेल सकते हैं.

2. Zero, One Chits:

The host will make a list of few chits with “0” and only one chit with “1” written on it.  Fold and put them in a bowl. The one who picks “1” will be winner.

होस्ट कुछ “zero” और सिर्फ एक “one” की चिट्स बनाएगा. जो प्लेयर one की चित उठा लेगा वही विनर होगा.

3. Dress code theme based:

This game is very easy to arrange when you have pre-planned  some theme for your kitty. Say for example: You guys have planned “Green theme” for your kitty. Now, early birds who are wearing/carrying maximum of green colour, wins!

अगर आप अपनी किटी में कोई थीम फॉलो कर रहे हैं तो गेम खेला जा सकता है! जिस भी प्लेयर के पास सबसे ज्यादा थीम से मैच चीज़े होंगी, वो विनर होगा.

4. Date Of Birth Luck Game:

Pour all tambola numbers in a bowl, mix them. Player will put this bowl on her head and withdraw numbers one by one. The moment she takes her DOB number , she is out. Read the full game here

तंबोला के नंबर्स (1 – 31 ) को एक बाउल में इकट्ठा कीजिये और अच्छे से मिक्स कर दीजिये . प्लेयर को ये बाउल अपनी सर पर रखकर ( ताकि प्लेयर देख न  सके) एक -एक कर नंबर्स निकलने हे. जैसे ही प्लेयर अपना का जन्मदिन ( date of birth ) अंक निकलता हे ,वो आउट हो जायेगा. ऐसा हर प्लेयर करेगा. जिस  प्लेयर ने आउट होने से पहले सबसे ज्यादा अंक निकले हे , वो विनर होगा.

5. Count rings gold diamond:

No mind game! The one, who wears maximum of gold rings, wins! Or The one, who wears maximum of diamond rings, wins!

जिस भी प्लेयर ने सबसे ज़्यदा गोल्ड या डायमंड रिंग पहनी होगी वो विनर होगा.

6. Tambola Tiles Upside Down:

Ask the players to pick one tambola tile read the number on it, remember and put it upside down on the table. Call one late comer to pick any of the upside down tile, the one whose number picked by late comer is winner.

हर प्लेयर्स को एक तम्बोला नंबर उठाने के लिए कहिये. अब उसे पलट कर टेबल पर रख दीजिये, ताकि नंबर न दिखे. अब लेट आये किसी प्लेयर से उन में से एक नंबर को उठाने के लिए कहिये, जिस प्लेयर का नंबर लेट प्लेयर उठाया हे , वो विनर हे.

7. Lucky Bangle Color:

Make a small chits of each bangle color available and give mark to each color. Mark the bangle color worn by players, the one who got maximum numbers, wins.

Read the another variation of this game here.

हर चूड़ी के रंग की एक लिस्ट बना कर उसके सामने हर रंग को एक मार्क दे दीजिये. अब प्लेयर्स द्वारा पहनी हुई चूड़ियों को मार्क दीजिये. जिस प्लेयर के सबसे ज्यादा नंबर होंगे, वो ही विनर होगा.

Have a happy kitty 🙂

Monsoon Theme Kitty Party Word Puzzle

Happy Monsoon to all !!!

Let’s give some exercise to our brain this season and make our monsoon kitty brain storming as well. This is a very simple word search game that will be a source of huge entertainment to your Monsoon Theme kitty this season. While writing this game I was thinking of giving this game some rainy flavor. This works just well when played with Monsoon Special Tambola Game. If you are 10 best monsoon theme kitty games please visit here.

Things Needed: Paper printouts of below attached game and few pens.

Time Span: At least 2 mins.

How to Play:Take the printout of the game on the papers. Distribute pen and paper printout of the word puzzle to each player . There are 24 Monsoon special words hidden in this puzzle. Players will be asked to search words ( List given below) and mark with pen. Mark time and start the game. I have attached the list of words that players have to search.

Who Wins:  Player who searches and marks maximum words will be winner.

( Please take print out of the below game) rain theme kitty games

Happy a rainy kitty :)


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Top 20 Paper Games For Kitty Party With Answers

Hello Ladies,

Welcome to kittypartyHQ. From the big collection of paper party games , today I try to bring you latest top 20 paper games for kitty party with answers that are most liked and shared on our Facebook page.  The list is up to date and new games have been added, making it best 20 kitty party games on paper for the year 2017. All the games are freely downloadable, printable and ready to play. You will find kitty party games in hindi language and English both, majority of them are in Hindi! Find the the list of 20 best written games for kitty party with answers, they are easy to arrange, access as they come with ready answer sheet and fun to be a part of-

Things Needed For All Games :

  • Few pens for players.
  • Printouts of game sheet
  • Printout of answer sheet for host (Find answers on respective posts.)
  • Watch to see time

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Kitty party one minute game in hindi-Answer with “Sar”

Paper game

Hello Ladies,

Today, I am sharing another ready to play paper based game in Hindi comes with answer sheet. The last game shared was a similar pattern game where answers ends with word “कर” , ends with “Li” and another ends with “Pur” . For a best 20 paper games for kitty party with answers click here.

Here, in this game we have a ready game sheet attached. All a player has to do is read a sentence carefully and answer in one hindi/English words with “Sar” /”सर”. You can find correct answers below game sheet.

Ex: सरफ़रोश, बेअसर etc

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Kitty Party Game In Hindi-Fill up the blanks

Kitty party game in hindi

Hello Ladies,

Today I will be sharing with you one very simple kitty party game in hindi. This game is ready to print and free downloadable. Read the full statement and fill suitable one ENGLISH alphabet in the blank space and you are done ! But in 2 MINUTES 🙂

Let’s see how to play.

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