Dice and Pen Game-Table game for kitty party

Dice and Pen kitty party game

Hello Ladies,

Introducing new mind blowing kitty party dice and pen game. It’s simple and difficult at the same time. The last game we shared was make a list of rain songs, the game was easy and I also shared how it can be played in so many ways. But, today’s game is different. It is a round table game, no no it doesn’t mean it require lot of prior preparations 🙂 All you need is few papers, one pen and one dice, that’s all ! Lets see how to play this game-

Things Needed:

    • One pen
    • Blank papers for players
    • One dice

Time Span: Task Basis.


How to play:

  • Make a round table arrangement, put the dice and pen on it.
  • Distribute one paper to each player.
  • Now, Ask the 1st player to throw the dice, if number 1,2,3,4,5 comes pass the dice to another player. If number 6 comes, she will take the pen and start writing the numbers (counting) from 1 to 100 quickly without wasting time.
  • While the 1st player is writing, quickly the 2nd player will throw the dice again if number 1,2,3,4,5 comes pass the dice to 3rd player. If number 6 comes, quickly grab the pen from the 1st player and start write the numbers (counting) from 1 to 100 and so on..

Tip: To make this game more difficult, try reverse counting from number 100 to 1  🙂

Who Wins: The one who able to complete 1-100 counting first, wins!

Have a nice kitty 🙂


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