Find the key-One minute kitty party game

Find the key-one minute Kitty games

Hello Ladies!

Today, I will be sharing one minute lock and key game . Very easy to arrange , can be played with old locks available at your home an easy to arrange game. Let’s see how to play in detail-

Things Needed:

  • 8-10 locks and there keys.
  • A tray to put open locks.
  • A bowl of uncooked-rice for hiding keys.
  • A watch to see time

Time Span: One Minute

How To Play:

  • Put locks on the table.
  • Put keys in the rice bowl and hide them properly inside.
  • The player will be asked to open locks with correct key.
  • When found the match put open lock and key in the tray.

Who Wins: The player who opens maximum locks, wins! 

Have a happy kitty:)

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