Couple Games-Fishing The Ring

Hello ladies!

Today, I was going through my wedding album and came across with this beautiful wedding ceremony. Finding the ring is one of the most fun games played during wedding, where the couples are made to sit facing each other with a bowl in front of them contains milk with some coins and a ring. Couple are asked to find the ring and whoever gets it first is a winner.

Things needed:

~A ring,

~1 glass water,

~Few Coins,

~1 cup of milk,

~1 tsp turmeric,

~Few Rose petals.

How to Play: Take one Big plate or tali/paraat , pour 1 glass of water, 1 cup of milk , coins, turmeric, rose petals and a ring to the tali. We are adding Milk and turmeric because we don’t want water and milk solution left see through the bottom of the thali. Similarly, we are adding coins to misguide couples in finding ring. Now, here is a fun part couples will dip there hands and try to find the ring .

Who Wins: The one who find the ring maximum number  of times, will be a winner.

Play and share your experiences with us.

Happy Kitty 🙂

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