Gangaur Teej Tambola Kitty Party Game

Gangaur Teej kitty party Game

Hello Ladies,

Today’s game is simple Tambola with a twist added to it. This game perfect when played on any religious day like  Gangaur,hartalika teej and karva chauth. It is another ready to play paper based game written in Hindi.

Here, in this game we have a ready game sheet attached.

गणगौर तंबोला गेम: सबसे पहले प्लेयर्स अपनी गेम शीट में दो तंबोला टिकेट चिपकाएं ( जैसा पिक्चर में दिखाया गया हे), अब हर प्लेयर के पास ३० नंबर्स हैं, उन ३० अंको में से गेम शीट में निर्देश अनुसार मुकुट में ३, आँखों में २, कान में २ …आदि अंक भरिये.इस तरह श्री गणेश की मूर्ति में सभी ३० अंक भर दिए जायेंगे. जो सबसे पहले फुल हाउस करेगा वही जीतेगा..


Things Needed:

    • Few pens for players.
    • Printouts of this game sheet
    • Tambola Kit

Time Span:Task Basis

Gangaur Teej Tambola Kitty Party Game


How to play:

  • Players will write there names on the top of the paper.
  • Distribute one copy per player. Ask them to paste TWO tambola tickets at the bottom of the game ( As shown in the picture).
  • Each player is now having 30 tambola numbers ( 15 numbers each tambola ticket).
  • Players will be then asked to choose among those 30 numbers and write , 3 numbers on mukut, 2 on eyes, 2 on ears and so on… referring notes in the game.

Winning Points: Mukut, eyes, ladoo etc can keep as many or as less you want.

Who Wins: Who reached full house first!

Have a fun kitty :)

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