Hindu Calendar Month Game-Indian Kitty Party Games

Indian kitty party game-Hindu calendar game

Hello ladies,

Welcome to kittypartyhq. In last two updates we shared Cosmetics weight Game and Dice and Pen Game . These games were liked by so many of our fellow kittypartyhq members. I would like to thank all for your appreciation. In addition to these games, today I am introducing very simple Hindu Calendar Month Game. Where in one minute you have to make a list of Hindu calendar months!!!

This game is very appropriate for Indian ladies kitty party. I call this game-a last minute game as no prior preparation is required to arrange this game.

Things Needed:

    • Few pens and papers for players.
    • Clock to see time

Time Span: 1 Minutes

हिंदू पंचांग के 12 महीनो के नाम लिखिए. ( Write the names of months as per the Hindu calendar)

Indian kitty party one minute games

How to play:

  • Players will write there names on the top of the paper.
  • Players will be asked to make a list of months as per the Hindu calendar.


Who Wins: The one who writes correct, without matra or spelling mistakes wins!

Tip: You can play this game in Hindi and English. Here, English does not mean, January-February 🙂

Correct Answers

(In Hindi )चैत्र · वैशाख · ज्येष्ठ · आषाढ़ · श्रावण · भाद्रपद · आश्विन · कार्तिक · मार्गशीर्ष · पौष · माघ · फाल्गुन.

(In English) Chaitra,Vaisakha, Jyaistha, Asadha,

Shravana, Bhadra, Asvina, Kartika,

Agrahayana, Pausa, Magha, Phalguna.


Have a fun kitty :)


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