Kahani Me Twist Game-Ladies Kitty Party Game

Hello Ladies,

Introducing tricky kitty party game in Hindi. It’s simple to play and extremely fun to be a part of. The best part is this is last minute game, no prior preparation is required to play and arrange.


Lets see how to play this game-

Things Needed:

    • Pens  and paper for each player
    • Watch to see time

Time Span: 2 minutes.

How to play:

  • Distribute one paper and pen to each player .
  • Now, Ask players to write there first name as many times as they can in ONE MINUTE on that paper.
  • After one minute, host will stop player to write further and ask player to fold there papers.
  • Now, Host will ask each player to pass paper to another player sitting next to her.
  • The moment host says, stop! Players will stop passing there papers.
  • Now each player will open the paper they are holding. Count the number of times name ( no matter who’s name is written ) written on that paper.

Who Wins: The one who holds the paper with maximum number of times name written, wins !

हिंदी में : ( हर प्लेयर को एक पेन और पेपर देकर एक मिनट में खुद का नाम जितनी ज्यादा बार हो सके लिखने को कहें. अब होस्ट प्लेयर्स को उन चिट्स को फोल्ड करके अगले प्लेयर को पास करने के लिए कहेगा. प्लेयर्स उन्हें पास करते रहेंगे जब तक होस्ट उन्हें स्टॉप नहीं कहता. अब सभी प्लेयर्स अपनी अपनी चिट्स ओपन करके चिट पर लिखे नाम कितने बार लिखे हैं उन्हें काउंट करगा. जिस प्लेयर के पास सबसे ज्यादा बार नाम लिखी हुई चिट आएगी वही विनर होगा. )

Have a tricky kitty 🙂


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  1. Lakshmi says

    Very good blog for people like me who always search for new ideas..thank you for sharing lovely games..yesterday I organized this game in my kitty party…it was a big hit 👌👍

  2. nidhi says

    Can u plz suggest a nice n different idea for kitty theme based where I can use n decorate with props…something innovative n creative n different…
    This in advance

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