Kitty Party Coin Game-One Minute Game


Coin  Game -kitty party one minute table game

Hello Ladies,

Get ready to brush up your brain, because today we have a very unique and interesting game to share with all that will definitely test your math skill ! Get the coins in the denomination of 1,2,5,10. In one minute, arrange 3 coins on each chit so that the sum of coins should be equal to the number on the chit.

Example: Chit shows number 5, which means 2+2+1, 2 coins of Rs 2 and 1 Coin of Rs 1. i.e 2+2+1=5,

Chit shows number 21, which means 10+10+1, 2 coins of Rs 10 and 1 Coin of Rs 1. i.e 10+10+1=21

Things Needed:

    • Couple of coins in the denomination of 1,2,5,10.
    • 19 Paper Chits with below numbers written on it. One on each chit.
    • A bowl.
    • Clock to see time.

Time Span: 1 Minutes.

Paper Chit Numbers : Make 19 chits with these numbers written. 

1. 3
2. 4
3. 5
4. 6
5. 7
6. 8
7. 9
8. 11
9. 12
10. 13
11. 14
12. 15
13. 16
14. 17
15. 20
16. 21
17. 22
18. 25
19. 30

How to play:

  • Make 19 chits with above number, each chit will have one number, put it a bowl.
  • Take coins of 1,2,5,10. Put it on table.
  • Call player one by one and ask them to draw chit one at a time. In one minute, Player has to make a sum equal to the number on the chit with the help of only THREE coins! Put those three coins on chit and pick another chit and move on..

Who Wins: The one who covers maximum chits correctly, wins!

Have a smart kitty 🙂


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