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Kitty parties are fun,creative, food and lots of gossips! But, It can be learning as well. I believe the best return gift we can give to our fellow kitties is knowledge and awareness. How about an idea of demo at your kitty party ? This demonstration is going to be about any topic we ladies feel important to be aware of, for example- Good housekeeping, Work life balance, Personal hygiene, etc..

Here is list of topics that one should be aware of , that can be a part of your demonstration in kitty party. Few of the topics are very basics, the reason I have included them is for many others they are not that easy 🙂


  1. Internet Banking
  2. E-Commerce
  3. Basics if internet
  4. Basic Knowledge of computers
  5. How to operate mobile phone
  6. How to open a bank account, why it is important to have a nominee in your account
  7. How to book a train ticket, hotel booking by net
  8. Financial planning for future
  9. What are investment and shares
  10. What is interest and how it is calculated ?


  1. Relationship management- husband-wife
  2. Relationship management-with In-Laws
  3. Relationship management-with Friends
  4. Relationship management-Office colleagues
  5. Relationship management-Household help
  6. Relationship management-Neighbors


  1. Background of a candidate representing your area in upcoming election.
  2. What are Lok Sabha Elections, how it works ?
  3. What are Rajya Sabha Elections, how it works ?
  4. What are State Legislature Elections, how it works ?
  5. Addressing major issues related to your locality and escalating them to authority.
  6. What is FIR ?
  7. What is Right To Information Act (RTI Act) 2005 ?
  8. What is swachh bharat abhiyan, and what should be your role ?
  1. Upbringing Issues: Relation with kids up to 3 yrs, when they are home- a) Eating Habits, b) Cleanliness, c) Toilet Training etc..
    Kids more than 3 yrs:a) Selection of school, b) How to handle kid’s first exposure to world, c) kid’s friends, d) relation with teacher, e) eating habits
  2. Managing kids, home and work life balance
  1. Things to carry while travelling
  2. Good housekeeping
  3. Personal Safety while travelling
  4. How to change a car stepney by yourself
  5. Recipes of healthy dishes
  6. Personal Hygiene

Have a smart Kitty 🙂


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