Kitty Party Game-Balloon and Glasses

Today, I am going to share one of the most simple and economic game. You can play this game using balloon and disposables which are easily available. I first played this game on my sister’s birthday party back in my childhood. It still is always fun playing in my kitties too. All my friends also like this game.

Things needed: Few balloons and disposable glasses/bowls

Time span: At least 1 mins.

Kitty Party Games-One minute game

Fun Birthday games-

 How to play: Put disposable glasses and one balloon on each player’s table. Player will try to fill as much air as they can in the balloon and try to drop disposables from the table by releasing pressure of balloon air.

 Who wins: The one has maximum dropped disposables will win. Only completely dropped glasses on the floor will count.

Don’t forget to share your experiences.

Happy kitty 🙂

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