Kitty Party Game-Lucky Bangle

A game super easy to arrange and fun to play with. One can never go wrong with this game. All we need is bangles and dice. Throw the dice and wear a bangle in specific pattern.

Things Needed: 30 bangles and a dice

Time Span: 10-15 Chances or one minute

How to play: To make the most of this game, play one player at a time. Throw a dice and if :

No. 1 comes: Take one bangle and put it in pinky or baby finger.

No. 2 comes: Put a bangle in ring finger.

No. 3 comes: Put a bangle in middle finger.

 No. 4 comes: Put a bangle in index finger.

No. 5 comes: Put a bangle in thumb.

No. 6 comes: Take out all bangles and start over!

You can better understand this game via picture shown below:

bangle game

Who Wins: At the end of 10-15 chances ( as decided by the host of the game) , the one with maximum bangles in hand will be a winner.

Play and share your experience with us.

Have a happy kitty 🙂

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