Kitty Party Game:Guess the Cosmetics weight

Kitty Party Game:Guess the Cosmetics weight

Hello Ladies,

Women without cosmetics is unimaginable! We use cosmetics in our daily routine. Few of us use more or less, but yes we do! But have you ever care about the weight of the cosmetic ? Most of us ignore the weight and other details of the product. Today’s game is about guessing the weight of the cosmetics 🙂

This is a indoor table game conveniently arranged with minimum preparations. A very simple game to arrange and fun to be a part of but believe me it’s not simple! Let’s see how to play this game-


kitty party game with cosmetics
Things Needed:

    • Bunch of cosmetics
    • Few tables
    • Sticker label sheet
    • Pen and paper

Time Span: 2 mins.

How to play:

  • Put the bunch of cosmetics of each table.
  • Hide the qty detail of the product with label sheet ( as picture).
  • Write the list of the product on each table and leave the space for the players to write.
  • Now, In 2 mins ask players to write the qty on the paper.

Who Wins: The one give maximum answers correct , wins!

Have a nice kitty 🙂


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