Kitty Party game:Lucky Bangle Color

Lucky bangle kitty party game

Count on your lucky color ladies! Choose a color and cross your fingers.

Things Needed: A Bowl, well mixed colorful bangles, few paper chits and a paper to write marks, a dupatta for blindfolding.

How to play:

  • Make a small chits of each bangle color available.
  • On paper: Give marks to each color bangle. For Ex: Yellow- 1, blue -1 etc.
  • Blindfold a player and ask her to pick a chit. Say for example a chit says┬áRED. Therefore, RED is the color she shouldn’t pick.
  • Now, Put the bowl full of colorful bangles on her head (make sure you mix bangles nicely)
  • While she is blindfolded ask the player to pick any one bangle from the bowl.
  • Give a mark if she picks any color but red.
  • If she picks red , she is out !

Who wins: The with maximum marks will win!

Play and share with us.

Happy kitty ­čÖé



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  1. Sugandha says

    This is really an interesting game. I would like to play this game ion my kitty party.Thankyou so much for sharing

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