Kitty Party Games-Beading Popcorns

Pop corns are my all time favorite. This game is fun and simple to play! Traditionally in India women used to wear beaded pop corns in place of scented flowers. Also, this is one of the easiest game to play and arrange in your kitty party.

Things needed: Popcorns , thread and needles.

Time span: At least 1 mins.

How to play: All players need to know is basic beading! Players will try to make longest garland/chain/bead using maximum number of pop corns.

Who wins: The one make with longest chain using maximum no of popcorns will win

Tip: You can replace pop corns with flowers, marshmallows and pearl/beads. Only properly beaded pop corns will be counted.

Happy Kitty 🙂

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