Kitty Party Musical Chair Game


Musical chair games are very close our memories since childhood. Today, I am sharing kitty party chair game to refresh your childhood memories.

Things Needed:

    • Chairs equal to number of players.
    • A bowl or a box to keep paper chits.
    • A stop watch to see time
    • Music
    • Paper chits saying tasks such as- 4th player from your right side is out ! , 2nd player from your left side is out !, 6th player from your right side is out !, The player holding box is out !, Player sitting in front of you is out !, Player sitting next to you from right side is out ! etc.

Kitty party chair games

How to play: Make a big circle with chairs. Ask all players to sit on chairs. Give a box contains paper chits to any one player and start music!  Make sure the organizer who is managing music is facing back, to avoid cheating chances.  As the music starts, the player will keep passing box in a circle. As the music stops, the passing of box stop immediately. The player holding the box this time, will open box and pick one chit and read what the chits says. Say for example, chit says; you are out ! The box will be passed on to next sitting in the chain and again music will start and game will go on like this..

Who wins: Player who survives till end.

Play and share your experience with us.

Have a happy kitty 🙂

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