bollywood theme kitty party ideas

Are you thinking out of the box this season and planning to throw a kitty party that people will remember for long ? Bollywood theme kitty party is the idea that will never go wrong! Our Indian Hindi film industry is know as BOLLYWOOD. The term Bollywood is inspired from Hollywood and letter “B” indicated the center of Indian Cinema i.e Bombay.

The livelihood of any theme party depends on the preparations and thoughtfulness in planning that event. The things that strike us when be call the word “Bollywood”; is colorfulness, larger than life, grand, versatile, fashionable, filmy, musical,red carpet, page 3 life, Bollywood stars,clapper board and so on.. Our planning ,decor ideas, food ideas,dress code should go with the core idea of the theme i.e Bollywood. Let’s see ideas to color your kitty with Bollywood theme party. 


1) CLAPPER BOARD INVITE IDEA- Cut the sheet of paper in circle and color it to look like a reel.  Make a clapper board and write your personalized invite cards.  You can also cut a piece of card stock paper and border it with reel sign, make some stars use some glitters and voila, your invite is ready!


2) BOLLYWOOD STARS INVITE IDEA- This is very simple. Cut the card stock paper ( commonly used in making greeting cards) make small stars fill them golden glitter color, paste them on invite sheet and write your invite message with red sketch pen.

3) RED CARPET OR PAGE-3 INVITE IDEA- Use your creativity to make red carpet on invite card with use glitters for writing invite message.

Bollywood theme party  invite ideas


1) PILLOW COVERS: You can decorate sofas with colorful Bollywood inspired cushion covers, they are digital printed covers. They will instantly give the look to your room.

Bollywood theme party decor idea Bollywood theme party decor idea Bollywood theme party decor idea Bollywood theme party decor idea

2) CHAIR DECOR: Make a home made bow on chair with your dark and colorful silk dupatta. This will instantaneously give your room grand feel.

Bollywood theme party decor idea

3) CARPET:  None other than red carpet can do this correct ! Use it right from the door of the entrance. I am sure your guest will be amazed only. Already started feeling like a bollywood star huhh ?

4) POSTERS: Use b-Movie vintage wall posters, they available in market in ample quantity and they cheap as well.

Bollywood theme party wall  decor idea

Bollywood theme party wall  decor idea

Bollywood theme party wall  decor idea

4) Others decor ideas: Mirror Drapes, LED lights, Flowers , Jharoka: You can also decor your hall with jharokha, a fake window with royal handwork done with clay..

Rajasthani Theme kitty party decor ideas room decor ideas for bollywood theme kitty party



The Bollywood culture is full of bright colors, extravaganza, larger than life, grand, versatile, fashionable, filmy, Your outfits should also resembles that. Therefore, you can plan a dress code:

1) Bollywood style sarees with designer blouse,

2) Evening gown,

3) Retro look outfits,

4) Be your favorite Bollywood star-  You can dress up like your favorite Bollywood star, you can be Shreedevi from “Chandini“, or Madhuri from “dil to pagal hai”,  The choice is yours.



Bollywood theme kitty party is incomplete without-

1) High heels,

2) Red lipstick,

3) Oversize sunglasses,

4) Trendy handbag,

5) Jewelry,

Mix and match it your chosen outfit from above suggestions and be the charm of the party.

6) Bollywood Nail Art ideas: You can never go wrong with RED nail paint and NUDE is new color at Bollywood these days! 

nail art ideas for bollywood theme at kitty party


There are plenty of ready to play games for Bollywood theme kitty party , choose the best suits you-

1) Fill the blank with Bollywood movie name: You will find ready to play game sheet attached. Just take a printout, give it to players and you are good to play. All a player has to do is read a sentence carefully and answer in one word in a manner that it should be a name of movie as well! For full game and game sheet click here.

2) Use clues and answer AB’s movie name: In this game we have a ready game sheet is attached . A player has to read the sentence carefully and fill up the blanks with Amithabh Bacchan’s movie name, For full game and game sheet click here.

3) Monsoon special game: In this game we have a ready game sheet is attached . A player has to read the monsoon theme songs and tell the movie name, For full game and game sheet click here.

4) List the Bollywood monsoon songs : Perfect for Indian ladies kitty party. Also special when played in monsoon theme kitty party! I call this last minute game as no prior preparation is required to arrange this game. A player has to make a list of monsoon songs.

5)  Full Forms of Bollywood movies: Its a paper based game, ready to play, printable and freely download available. Here, In this game you have to guess the hindi movie name and answer in full form ! Click here to see full game.


You can plan dishes as per your convenience and like as there is no rule for bollywood theme food menu. For Bollywood theme party you can choose from variety of dishes:

For summers:  You can have- Chaat, cool beverages ,dahi wada, butter chicken, paneer dishes, malali kofta, rasagulla, custurd, icecream etc.

For Winters: Samosa, kababs, fried rice, Naan, chicken tikka, paneer butter masal, gulab-jamun, hot tea/coffe etc

For Rainy season: Pakodas, naan, mixed veg, palak corn curry, chicken do pyaza, etc

Follow this bollywood theme and share your experience with us.

Have a happy kitty 🙂

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  1. Amar Mali says

    Hi Sheetal…. nice ideas….. I like ur ideas …. But can u pls tell me the new ideas abt Bollywood theme and other theams etc . because I have my own business ….

  2. Kalindi says

    Pls need help for fashion theme idea for kitty and game also…my kitty is on next week pls help me.. One paper game and one kitty member can play.

  3. Priya says

    Bus ek invitation card bhi Bata do ki kaise invite kare bollywood style mein plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • Sheetal says

      You can Put retro style pictures in invite, Bollywood stars , red carpet cut out card, camera and action reel.

  4. pari verma says

    liked your ideas of boll ywood theme, but need some more games and oneliners for the food dishes as well it will be of more fun


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