Monsoon or rainy season has just knocked the door. This season has always been very close to the heart of poet, farmer, kid and to us ladies! This season is the life-force of India’s  ornate culture! Today I will be sharing ideas to color your kitty with monsoon theme.


Monsoon theme is not restricted to any particular theme, you can follow as many theme based on monsoon as you can. Few of them given here:

Rainbow Theme: Where make your ambiance full of 7 rainbow colors – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. Right from your invite,food,dress,decoration,makeup will be colored by rainbow colors.

Green Theme: Where you will color your kitty with the color of the season- Green ! Make green invite, green dress code, green food color, green will be your decoration color. 

Umbrella and rain drop Theme: Imagining monsoon without umbrella is impossible. Make a umbrella invite, Decorate your hall with umbrella and rain drops dangle all over place. Decorate your food with umbrella and rain drops. Wear umbrella as your dress code!

Cloud Theme: You can also have clod theme party. you can make clod shape invites, you can have cloud and rain drops paper cut on your wall and entrance.


umbrella party invite

Umbrella theme Invite

Green party invite

Green party invite

rainbow theme party

rainbow theme party invite

cloud theme party

cloud theme party invite


Room decor: If your theme is rainbow, Decor your roof (suitable for both open and closed place ) with different colored umbrellas, make a rainbow and clouds with balloon ( see pic-2,3 ) . You want it traditional way you can also decorate your wall with colorful dupattas and colorful pillows( see pic-6 ) . If you are celebrating monsoon green way you can also decorate with green paper large balls and ribbons and paper flower to dangle from roof ( see pic-4,5 )

Roof decoration-Monsoon theme kitty party

Pic-1 Roof decoration Ideas-Monsoon theme kitty party

Roof decoration-Monsoon theme kitty party

Pic-2 Roof decoration-Monsoon theme kitty party

Rainbow theme decoration ideas

Pic-3 Rainbow theme decoration ideas


Pic-4 Green theme monsoon kitty party wall decor ideas

Pic-4 Green theme monsoon kitty party wall decor ideas

Pic-5 Green theme monsoon kitty party wall decor ideas

Pic-5 Green theme kitty party wall decor ideas

monsoon theme kitty party decor ideas

Pic-6 Decoration with colorful dupattas

peacock feathers decor idea

Pic-7 peacock feathers decor

Wall Decor:  Decorate your wall with rainy stickers/ monsoon stickers. The best part of these stickers are they can be kept for years to stick on wall or remove them when you are done, of course without damaging you walls! You can also decorate your walls with handmade paper cut rainbows, clouds, balloons. You can also decorate walls with color of the season-GREEN colored paper ribbons ( See pic -2)  etc.

Monsoon party wall decoration

Pic-1 Monsoon party wall sticker ideas

Monsoon green theme party decor

Pic-2, Monsoon green theme party decor


Dinning Table decor Ideas: Decorating food table as per theme is also important. You can decorate your dinning table with green table cloth or colorful table cloth ( which ever available and suit your theme) ( See pic -1) . Put a tiny beautiful plant in center of the table to give it more green theme feel ( See pic -2) . If you want do more decor to your food corner you can go ahead and decor the nearby wall to dining table with paper ribbons. You can make rainbow with different colored ribbons and making clouds with cotton balls!  ( See pic -3)

Green theme party ideas

Pic-1 Green Table cloth for dinning table

Monsoon kitty party theme party ideas

Pic-2 Tiny plant on dinning table

Monsoon theme kitty party decor ideas

pic-3 Rainbow or green theme party decor ideas


Metal bowl Decor with paper boats- We all have that old antique/big clay bowl at our home , fill 80% of its capacity with water and decor with colorful paper boats. This will definitely reminds most of your fellow kitties there childhood monsoon memories. Old is gold afterall !

Paper boats

Paper boats in bowl-idea for monsoon theme party

Pillow covers: You can decorate sofas with rainbow theme pillow cover, green ( nature) theme, cloud theme.

Rainbow theme pillow cover

Rainbow theme pillow cover decor idea

Rainbow theme pillow cover

Rainbow theme pillow cover decor idea

cloud theme pillow cover

cloud theme pillow cover

green theme pillow cover

green theme pillow cover


Monsoon season is not suppose to be perfect for skin. I would suggest you to go for minimalist waterproof makeup that suits your skin and texture. Monsoon season is full of rainbow colors specially green as greenery is at it’s peak. I would suggest you to go for either colorful dress else follow green dress code. As for most of the people it’s convenient to have green dress ( sari+suit+tee+top+dress). 

  • Rainy Season Nail Art ideas- Inspired by  Rain, clouds, greenery, rainbow, fresh flowers etc.



  • Green theme dress Ideas: You can either have green dress code for your kitties or rainbow theme.

    Kitty Party Green theme dress ideas

    Green dress code theme

  • rainbow theme dress ideas

    Somebody’s wedding pic reminds me rainbow theme dress Ideas 🙂


  • Green Matching game- You can arrange green matching game; where players have to wear most of things green. The one who has maximum green matching wins !
  • Monsoon Song Game- We relate rain songs with Bollywood so much. How about playing rain songs game at your monsoon kitty ? Checkout here for ready to play monsoon theme Bollywood rain song game, where a list of songs is given and you have to guess correct movie name!  
  • Monsoon Tambola Game- Monsoon tambola or housie game is a all time favorite. Here we have included 40 words that we relate mostly with monsoon and prepared a list for you to make it ready to play ! Checkout this game here.
  • Rainbow theme/Colorful kitty theme game – Celebrating monsoon kitty without rainbow colors is so blend. This game is very interesting. We have given here ready to play printable sheet with written color names on it with different colors, you have to name the color not the word! Checkout this game here.
  • Rain songs and patriotic songs antakshari- Each year we celebrate monsoon and Independence day together. Why not to club them and have antakshari ?  Sing songs based on rain and/or deshbakti 🙂
  • Rain songs and rakshabandhan /rakhi songs antakshari- Similar as above you can antakshari of combination of songs rakhi+monsoon+deshbakti.
  • Rainbow color competition: Ask the players to write rainbow colors in correct orders.
  • Colorful Gems Game: Pour colorful gems in bowl and ask the players to make set of gems based on rainbow colors. The one who makes maximum sets, wins!
  • Monsoon Theme Crossword Puzzle: Search the monsoon theme words from the puzzle. Checkout the full game here.
  • 10 Monsoon Theme Kitty Party Games



At monsoon theme kitty party , you can plan dishes as per your convenience and like. Rainy season reminds us whole lot of aroma of- corn, gram flour, green chatni,hot tea and coffee. This is season where you ask for excuses for having deep fried snacks !

Follow this monsoon theme and share your experience with us.

Have a rainy kitty 🙂

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