Our state Rajasthan is one of the most charming and captivating states of India. It has been globally famous for tourism,rich culture, tradition, heritage, monuments and larger than life royalness. Having a Rajasthani theme at your kitty party is indeed a great idea.

Today, I will be sharing ideas to color your kitty with Rajasthani theme. They are more thoughtful if you are planning your kitty somewhere near teej and ganagur.


Chair decor: Make a bow on chair with your leheria or bandej dupatta. This will instantaneously give your room rajasthani feel.

Rajasthani theme-decor ideas at kitty party

Carpet:  The one with royal work , Else you can use regular carpet with bright colors. This will help you giving ethnic look to your venue.

Paintings:  Paintings of palaces, forts, havelis, kings, elephants.

Rajasthani theme kitty party decor ideasPaintings featuring pushkar yatra, krishna and radha dancing, bani thani paintings etc. I found one fabulous Rajasthani Painting here 

You can also decor your hall with jharokha, a fake window with royal handwork done with clay..

Metal bowl Decor with flower- We all have that old antique big bowl , fill 80% of its capacity with water and decor with flower or flower petals and floating candles.

Rajasthani Theme kitty party decor ideas

Mandana or rangoli:  You can make mandanas at the welcome door to surprise your guests with  warm welcome. They will love it !

mandana design-Kitty party games

Pillow covers: You can decorate sofas with rajasthani inspired painting ,patchwork,sanganeri work,kantha work and glass work.

Pillow-Rajasthani theme kitty party


Rajasthani culture is full of bright colors like blue, yellow and orange. Your outfits should also resembles that colorfulness. Therefore, you can plan for colorful sarees and suits.

They also have very famous mirror-work,gota work, badhej  and embroideries on there cloths.

rajasthani Theme party

A Rajasthani traditional dress is Lehenga choli. But if wearing them is not feasible for you, you can plan Seedha pallu way of wearing saree.




Rajasthani theme is so colorful and full of ideas that you can also arrange a nail art competition at your kitty party.

Jhumkas-rajasthani theme

rajasthani theme party-anklets


  • Puppet show- you can arrange to have 5-10 minute mlong puppet show at your kitty. This would add that extra color to your party.

Puppet show at kitty party

  • Rajasthani Quiz Game : This would a paper based game- You can ask questions about state Rajasthan. You can cover there culture, current social issues,cuisines,cloths, local business, accessories and things state is famous for.
  • To add fun to this game , ask players to talk in Rajasthani tone.
  • Organise word puzzel game which I have mentioned here in my blog, you should plan it with Rajasthani words.
  • Organise theme based tambola game:  the words should be Rajasthan inspired.

  • Mandana competition: Give Pen and paper or calk board to players , allot a time, the one who makes most beautiful mandana, will be a winner.

Mandana Art game

  • Mehndi Competition: Give a tick paper and mehndi cone to each player and ask them to make mehndi design. The one who make most beautiful and clean , will win.
  • Rajasthani Theme tambola game: You can plan Rajasthani theme based tambola game. If you dont have one you can buy it from here.
  • Mehndi Tambola: After mehndi competition, you can also have  mehndi tambola at your Rajasthani kitty party. Just write the numbers on nails, fingers, palm (As shown in picture below)

Winning points will be:

1) नाखून लग गयी- First Line
2) उँगलियाँ लग गयी-
Second Line
3) हथेली रच गयी- 
Third Line
4) हाथ रच गया –

  • mehndi tambola-rajasthani theme game
  • Saree draping competition-  You can have 2 types of games here- In how many ways your kitties can wear a saree in 2 minutes and how many sarees can a kitty wear in 1 minute.
  • Clay work competition- Lets check the creativity of your fellow kitties. Have a kids clay and dough kit ( easily available in the market ) and ask the players to make anything that reminds them of Rajasthan! Rajasthani kitty theme game ideas-clay work
  • Bangle Games- Checkout the various bangle games you can arrange at your kitty party:- Follow the bangle pattern game, Lucky bangle color game.


You can plan dishes as per your convenience and like. Rajasthani cuisines have a whole lot of varieties you can choose from-

rajasthani Food

rajasthani recipies


Follow this theme and share your experience with us.

Have a happy kitty 🙂

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      Decor your home with seasonal flowers like Genda phool, lights, candles, lanterns, rangoli .. Prepare some gujiya, chakli, khurme, chivda for snacks. For food go for traditional food, like puri, chola, rasgula/gulabjamun/Halwa, dahi-wada, etc.

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