Kitty party word puzzle

Happy Diwali to all !!!

Let’s give some exercise to our brain and make our kitty educational as well. This is a very simple word game that will be a source of entertainment to our kitty as well. While writing this game I thought out kitty party should have some diwali spice too. So, here is Diwali Special Paper Game.

Things Needed: Paper printouts of below attached game and few pens.

Time Span: At least 2 mins.

Paper games for kitty party-Crossword puzzle

Diwali special cross word puzzle: A Printable paper game for kitty party, FIND WORDS

How to Play:Take the printout of the game on the papers. Distribute pen and paper printout of the word puzzle to each player . There are 50 Diwali special words hidden in this puzzle. Players will be asked to search words ( List given below) and mark with pen. Mark time and start the game. I have attached the list of words that players have to search.

Who Wins:  Player who searches and marks maximum words will be winner.

( Please take print out of the below game)


Play and share your experiences with us.

Happy Kitty :)

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