Name Game: Ladies Kitty Party Game

Hello ladies,

Not ready with kitty game ? It’s alright. We have a very simple game to share with you all that requires no prior preparation at all. All you have to do is practically nothing ! 🙂 And the result is total fun.

Things Needed:

    • Smiles 🙂

How to play:

  • Ask players to sit in a round.
  • One by one player will say A, B, C, D… For example: First player will say “A”, second will say “B” . Now, if second player’s name is Babita , which starts with “B” as well , so she is OUT.
  • Game will restart with third player. Means, The third player will be first player now and will say “A”..  And Game will go on like this..

Who Wins: The one who left in the last is a winner !

Have a fun kitty 🙂

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