Kitty Party Game-Needle and Thread Game

Very simple yet fun game to play with a group/couple.

Things needed: Bunch of needles ( prefer the finest one to make the game difficult ) and Thread

Time span: At least 2 mins

How to play: Divide ladies in a group of two each. One of the lady in a group will hold Needle ( She can’t touch thread)  and another will hold thread ( She can’t touch needle) . Both will try to insert thread through the loop of the needle threader. Make sure that people are not touching the needle and thread together.

Who wins: The team with most no of with needles dangling though the thread will win

Tip: If you have odd no of players (3,5,7,9 etc ) ,Plan this game with single player each team

Play and share your experience with me.

Happy Kitty 🙂

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