One Letter Game For ladies Kitty Party-Paper based game written in hindi

Kitty Party-One letter Game

Hello Ladies,

Today, I am going to share a unique one letter game. It’s a ready to play paper based game written in Hindi language. Perfect to be a part for Indian kitty parties. This is a very simple game to arrange. All a host need to do  is keep the printouts of this game ready , few pens and that’s all you need!

Here, in this game we have a ready game sheet attached below. A player has to read the sentence carefully and fill up the blanks with one letter words, both English and Hindi words are allowed.

Example: टी ( tea), नी (knee) etc.

Things Needed:

    • Few pens for players.
    • Printouts of this game sheet
    • Clock to see time

Time Span: 2 Minutes

Indian Kitty party games-One letter word game

How to play:

  • Players will write there names on the top of the paper.
  • Players will be asked to read the statement given carefully and fill up the blank with one letter words, both English and Hindi words are allowed.

Who Wins: The one who answers the most questions correct, wins! Make sure answers presents in the host’s answer sheet should be final.

Have a fun kitty  :)

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I live moments and I make sure I do everything to make a moment memorable. Partying, is one of my way celebrating life with Friends and family. This blog is dedicated to my mother-in-law, who is the brain after all the nice games and recipes, me giving words to her ideas. Keep visiting for new fun games and latest party stuff.
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  1. Chanchal Jain says

    ५-शू (shoe)
    ९-ट्रे (tray)
    १०-ग्रे (grey)
    ११-फ्री (free)
    १२-की (key)
    १३-सी (see)
    १६-ऊफ (oof)
    १८-रौ (RAW)
    १९-टी (tea)
    २०-ना / नो (no)


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