Group Party Games-Peeling Potato

All Ladies will love this game, they more than enjoy playing with what they deal with on day today basis.

Things needed: Few peelers and potatoes

Time span: One minute.

How to play: This is fun part for every lady to play with what they deal with on day today basis. Players will try to peel maximum number of potatoes in one minute.

Tip: You can Play this game using: Apple, cucumber, carrot etc. This game be played in group of two as well.

Who wins: The one has maximum no of peeled potatoes, neatly done will win.

Play and share your experience.

Happy Kitty 🙂

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I live moments and I make sure I do everything to make a moment memorable. Partying, is one of my way celebrating life with Friends and family. This blog is dedicated to my mother-in-law, who is the brain after all the nice games and recipes, me giving words to her ideas. Keep visiting for new fun games and latest party stuff.
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