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Hello Ladies,

I hope you enjoyed part 1 of this game. I am going to share with you another possible variation of playing card game. Where “a player can write the numbers of there choice” option has been removed! All numbers are printed/written on the game sheet, ready to play ( find it below ), Just to refresh memory on how to play- Card Tambola is a game, where an organizer or the caller calls a number at a time, which players have to mark or cut in there ticket. The one who reaches winning  point has to claim the same immediately by calling “housie”.  Lets see in detail how to play-

card tambola game-kittyparty

Things Needed:

  • Few Pens
  • A deck of playing cards
  • A plain paper and pen for host to write drawn card numbers
  • You can change numbers and make as many cards as you want.

How to Play:

  • Distribute the above sheet to each player.
  • A caller shuffle the deck of cards and call numbers and there respective card.
  • Player will cut numbers accordingly. Say for Ex- Caller says- “Its a jack of heart” – Player will cut number 11 (if they have) in a heart row.
  • Just a important  note, 2-10 numbers represent the same corresponding index in the playing cards. Some special representations are:
    1 represents Ace (A)
    11 represents Jack (J)
    12 represents Queen (Q)
    13 represents King (K)

Possible winning points:  Depending upon the winning price money-

  • Four corner
  • 4 Rows
  • Middle four numbers
  • Full House

Who Wins: The one who reached any of the winning point earliest wins.

Happy kitty 🙂

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