Say Colour Not Word Game-One Minute Kitty Party Game

Hello Ladies!

Today I have a very special game to share with you all. It’s a mind teaser game. Very simple to arrange yet NOT simple to play and believe me the result is fun!

All a player need to do is- Name the colors of the following words. DO NOT read the words… rather, say the color of the words. For example, The first letter of the game sheet is “YELLOW” is printed in a green color, you should say “GREEN”. The trick is say the colors as fast as you can. It is not as easy as you might think!

This game is equally good for kids’s birthday party/One minute Kitty Party/Rainbow Theme Kitty Party/Colorful Kitty party Game ideas.

WHY IS IT DIFFICULT TO PLAY?  “Actually your right brain tries to say the color but left brain insists on reading the word.” 🙂

Things Needed:

    • Colored printout of this sheet.
    • Clock to see time

Time Span: 1 Minutes

Look at the chart and say the COLOR and not the WORD:

How to play:

  • Take 2 printouts of this game sheet in color prints. One will be played with and another will remain with the organizer.
  • Paste this paper game sheet on wall or ask some player to hold it for another player(s).
  • The organizer will call players one by one and ask them to read out loud the “COLOR NAME” and not the “word” without any PAUSE !
  • Players cannot buy a time to think.
  • The one who stops in between is out.

Who Wins: The one who gives maximum correct answers without pause, wins!

Have a colorful fun kitty :)

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  1. Aniket says

    Hey Thanks!

    Was looking for games for my mom’s kitty party at last moment!

    I liked the color name and color word game, and so did my mom.

    The kitty oarty starts i 15 minutes, will be fun!


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