Indian States-Indian Republic Day Game for Ladies Kitty Party Game

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Indian kitty party quiz-Paper based game written in hindi

Indian kitty party GK quiz game

Hello Ladies,

Get ready to cross-examine your brain here ladies! As today, I have a quiz game sheet ready for your ladies kitty party. It’s a ready to play paper based game written in Hindi language. It’s a basic general knowledge (GK test ) questions. Latest prepared Quiz game, where I tried to test knowledge from wide areas of Indian culture. A game/sport of brain perfect to be a part for any Indian kitty parties. This is a very simple game to arrange. All a host need to do  is keep the printouts of this game ready , few pens.

Here, in this game we have a ready game sheet attached below. A player has to read the sentence carefully and tick mark (✓) over suitable answer from the options given.

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