Tambola and Housie Game

Tambola is a game of chances, a casual gamble game not a serious one. where an organizer or the caller calls a number at a time, which players have to mark or cut in there ticket. The one who reaches winning  point has to claim the same immediately by calling “housie”. As we all know Tambola is also known as Housie game. Tambola has variant game also known as Bingo game. Read more for how play tambola and more than 20 tambola games explained with pictures. We have updated this post by adding some more winning points. Enjoy playing tambola !

Here are few facts one should know before we proceed towards how to play tambola.

  • Tambola is played between number 1 to 90. Each ticket has 3*9 Matrix  i.e 3 rows and 9 columns.
  • First Column has numbers between  1-10
  • Second Column has numbers between  11-20
  • Third Column has numbers between  21-30
  • Fourth Column has numbers between  31-40
  • Fifth Column has numbers between  41-50
  • Sixth Column has numbers between  51-60
  • Seventh Column has numbers between  61-70
  • Eighth Column has numbers between  71-80
  • Ninth Column has numbers between  81-90
  • Each row has 5 numbers.
  • Tambola or housie game often played for some amount of money where the number of players may be a dozen or more.
  • Arrange Tambola tickets, Number chart, number chips ,a container to hold them and a marker/pen

  • Decide prizes for different games
  • Decide winning games or winning points. Refer different games/ways tambola can be played.


  • The Organizer or caller will shuffle all the numbers in the container, pick one without looking at them. The caller will call that number loudly so that it is audible to every player. Organizer will put the number chip on the concern number of the number chart. The caller will repeat this step every time he picks up new number. To make it difficult and players attentive, don’t repeat numbers and play fast.
  • If the number (called by caller) exists in player’s ticket(s), then the player has to cut/mark it with pen.
  • If a player or players reaches to winning point , he should claim it immediately.
  • The organizer will check the winning by matching the marked numbers by his number chart. Organizer will then declares if the winning has been claimed successfully. If not, the winning point is still available to be claimed.
  • Game will end when all the winning points are successfully claimed.


Here I will be sharing some very common yet interesting tambola games that be a part of your kitty party.  The beauty of this game is you an either play for one game i.e Full House or combination of different games. The most common combination: Full house, all three lines and four corners of the ticket.

Here is a list of more than 25 tambola games you can choose from-

1) Four Corners-Housie game:

Housie Game : Four CornerFirst player who hits four corner numbers will be a winner.

2) Four Corners with Star Number-Housie game:

Tambola game: star with conersFirst player who hits four corner numbers and middle number of the middle row, will be a winner.

3) First Line-Housie game : 

Housie Game: First Line

First player who hits all numbers of the first line, will be a winner.

4) Second Line -Housie game : 

Housie Game: Second Line

First player who hits all numbers of the second line, will be a winner.

5) Third Line -Housie game: 

Tambola Game: Third Line

First player who hits all numbers of the third line, will be a winner.

6) Full House/Housie/Tambola Game: 

Tambola Game: Full House

First player who hits all numbers of any ticket (s) , will be a winner. This game can be played with one or three tickets.

7) Queen Corner And King Corner-Tambola Game : 

Queen corner tambola gameKing Corner Tambola Game

First player who hits first number of all three rows of any ticket, wins Queen Corner game.

Player who hits last number of all three rows of any ticket, wins King Corner game.

8) Railway Lines -Tambola Game: 

Railway Lines Housie game

Together Queen and King corners known as Railway Lines .

9) Pyramid-Tambola Game :

Pyramid tambola Game

Player who hits-3rd no (Middle no)of First line, 2nd and 4th no of Second line, 1st 3rd and 5th no’s of last line, while closely looking at the strike numbers they forms a shape of pyramid.

10) Reverse pyramid-Tambola Game :

reverse Pyramid tambola game

Player who hits- 1st 3rd and 5th no’s of first line, 2nd and 4th no of Second line, 3rd no (Middle no)of the last line, while closely looking at the strike numbers they forms a shape of reverse pyramid.

11) Small Love Line -Tambola Game:   

Small Love Line housie game

Player who hits-1st no. of first line, and all no’s of last line of any one ticket wins small love line tambola game. While you closely look at the strike no’s, you will notice a shape of small “L”

12) Big Love Line-Tambola Game :   

Can be played with three tickets

Big Love Line housie game

Player who hits-All 1st no’s of first column, and all no’s of last line of the third tickets wins big love line tambola game. While you closely look at the strike no’s, you will notice a shape of Big “L”

13) Bull’s Eye  -Tambola Game:  

Bull's Eye-Tambola Game

The center no of the 2nd row, which is also a middle of a ticket.

14) Temperature  -Tambola Game:  

Temperature-Housie Game

The 1st and the last no. of the ticket.

15) 3 blocks-Tambola Game :  


The ticket is divided in 3 blocks: First three columns ( no. 1 to 30) ,Middle three columns ( no. 31 to 60),Last three columns (no. 61 to 90). The winning point will be when all numbers struck of any block.

16) Line of 40-Tambola Game :

40 line

Player hits middle line or line of 40 first, will be the winner.

17) 6 blocks-Tambola Game :

6 block

This one is another version of 15 th game. The difference is this game is played with 3 tickets and the line of 40 doesn’t count. Where first three and last three columns of each tickets will be counted as a block.

18) Young and old-Tambola Game :

In any ticket, the number from 1 to 45 is called “Young” and the number from 46 to 90 is called “Old“.

19) Reversible Housie (ulta-pulta housie)-Tambola Game :

This is just a reverse of regular housie game, where all the numbers are suppose to hit in reverse. I.e when a caller calls 45: Player will cut 54,  when a caller calls 67: Player will cut 76 and so on.

Tip for this game:

1) The caller and players both have to be very attentive in this game.

2)The caller should be at distance from players so that players can’t see caller’s number board.

3)The caller should not repeat numbers.

20) Surrounding -Tambola Game :


The game where winning point is when all border numbers of any ticket are cut and claimed.

21) Even Number-Tambola Game :


The game where winning point is when all even numbers of any ticket are cut and claimed.

22) Odd Number-Tambola Game :


The game where winning point is when all odd numbers of any ticket are cut and claimed.

23) Call your number-Tambola Game :

This one is interesting!  Every player one by one will call a number of there choice, which they will cut if they have that number in there ticket. The winning person will be the one who calls housie number.

24) Pass the ticket-Tambola Game :

All the players will sit in a circle. Each time, when the caller calls a number they shall pass there ticket to the next person sitting to them.

I.e if A B C D are playing : The callers calls single number-4 , A,B,C and D will search the number 4 in there respective tickets and hit it ( if no. 4 is present) and pass the ticket to next one. (A will pass to B, B will pass to C, C will pass to D and D will pass to A. ) And the game will go on like this .. When the caller calls winning no. the one who is holding winning ticket will be a winner.

25) Arrow-Tambola Game :


When the first three numbers diagonally present in any ticket are hit.

26) Bamboo-Tambola Game :


When a game targets middle no. of each line in a ticket.

Winning amount: The winning amount of the tambola game is decided on the basis of difficulty of the game. Usually, the price for full house is highest.

Please let us know you have any new game to share. I would be more than happy to include your inputs here.

Play and share your kitty experience.

Have a happy kitty 🙂

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  1. kalpana says

    I hv recently joined a kitty party group..n was facing a problem in playing tam a..d way u hv explained it’s really nice..hope I will mojo playing today n win too

  2. Mitali Gupta says

    Well explained. Easily understood, anyone can play by reading this. I just want to say that columns distribution is done by diff way –

    1st – 1 to 9
    2nd – 10 to 19
    3rd – 20 to 29
    4th – 30 to 39
    5th – 40 to 49
    and so on
    9th – 80 to 90 (11 numbers)

  3. Dheeraj says

    got a new idea for housie..!!
    pass the ticket as each number called to d next person sitting beside and the price will be given to dat prsn who will cut d last number nt d one whose ticket it will b….we had enjoyed a lot in playing dis variation in housie.

  4. Divya says

    Going to try the Pass-the-tkt-tambola game…hope all enjoy it ..I’ll surely give the inputs after the game

  5. Sona jain says

    Hi Sheetal…had a query…what if a person completes the last line and full hose together….will he or she get both the prizes or not..

  6. disha dadlani says

    hi sheetal i need ur help , want to create the tambola tickets with names instead of numbers how can i do that ?


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