Top 5 Karva Chauth Party Game

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Welcome to kittypartyHQ. Bored of those typical karwa chauth games ? From our big collection of one minute kitty party games, today I try to bring you latest top 5  Karwa Chauth party games that are most liked and shared on our Facebook page.  Few of them are one minute kitty party games are easy to arrange and fun to be a part of-

1) Mehndi Tambola Or Mehndi Karwa Chauth Housie:

An interesting Karwa Chauth party game to play. It’s a regular housie/Tambola game the only difference is, it is played on Mehndi design. Just write the numbers on nails, fingers, palm (As shown in picture below)

Winning points will be:

1) नाखून लग गयी- First Line
2) उँगलियाँ लग गयी-
Second Line
3) हथेली रच गयी- 
Third Line
4) हाथ रच गया –

We also shared this game on our Rajasthani Theme as well.



2) Funny Cook Love Story Karwa Chauth Quiz :

Funny Husband wife love story game for karwa chauth. Its a simple fill the blank kitty party game in Hindi. Read the full story of a cook and fill the blank using suitable word from possible options.




3) Solah Shrangar Karwa Chauth Quiz :

You can have quiz on your karwa chauth party,What are solah shrangar of married women and  who is carrying the most.


4) Name The Better Half Karwa Chauth Game:

Name the better half game-list of great man/god/mythical heroes we knew from the past, you have to answer there wife’s name. Perfect when played at Karwa chauth , teej party.


5) Karwa Chauth Quiz :

More interesting Karwa Chauth Game ideas-

  1. Quiz based on karwa chauth katha
  2. Write maximum names of lord shiva, Parvati
  3. Give a missed call your hubby and let’s see who gets a call back ?
  4. Who is carrying a husband’s picure in purse ?
  5. Fishing the ring game– Couple game
  6.  Follow Bangle pattern: follow the sequence of bangles and make maximum sets.
  7. Lucky Bangle Game:

You can also choose among our Top 10 best kitty party games as well.


Have a happy Karwa Chauth 🙂


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